Central Air Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Pulse only

Central Air Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Pulse only
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Product Description

Pulse Only * Unit contains the wall plug battery and car charger * Is designed to provide supplemental oxygen in a home institutional or travel environment * The device weighs less than 10 pounds and can be easily carried or pulled by cart for maximum mobility and convenience * Built specially for th on-the-go patient the Central AirĘs smallest footprint in class design allow it to fit where other POCs do not * Patients benefit from the increased freedom and improved quality of life; providers benefit from low cost of ownership low maintenance and by eliminating costly oxygen refill visits * Lightweight and portable; yet rugged and durable * Low maintenance and energy efficient * Maintains fixed bolus volume over all breath rates utilizing proprietary breath detection technology * Exclusive rotary compressor operates at lower temperatures and less vibration * Requires less than 1 minute startup time to produce O2 output * Advance dealer menus provide access to complete unit history * Future secure wireless upgrade and diagnostics capabilities are designed in existing worldwide support network and infrastructure in place dimensions: * Size: 7.4 W x 4.6 D x 11.6 H * Flow rate: User adjustable 1.0 to 5.0 * (With 0.5 increments) demand settings * Purity: 90% + / - 3% * Weight: 9.3 Lbs with battery * Battery duration: 3 hours on a setting of 2 at 15 BPM * Maximum output: 925 ml/minute sustained 1200+ ml/minute during short periods of rapid breathing *